About these templates

Professional and good looking templates for photographers and people in general in need of a personal photosite to display their works to the world. Do you take professional photos? Then you’ll need to display them professionally too.

Why these templates?
Not only do they have full xml support (you can change everything in notepad), But they also come with full support by the creator of that specific template.

Instead of hiring an expensive web firm to create a professional-looking website for you (normally thousands of dollars) You’ll get a modern fully customizable website for pretty much lunch money,  and support at the same time if you would run into any problems. Whenever the creator decides to update his template, it’s yours to download for free.

You’ll also recieve well commented code and a help file that will explain it all to you.
Remember, most templates are dynamic, meaning, you can alter the feel and look of the template to suit your taste.